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Project Description
Gravitybox offers a general-purpose software component that may be used to display scheduled information of almost any type, in many, different formats. The component will display information in the common grid format with time and dates on opposing axes.

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This a fully functional scheduling component written from 1998-2005. It is written in VB6 and now open source. It has been translated into numerous languages and was quite a successful commercial product in its time. There are still shops using ActiveX, so we release this to help those who still do not have a good scheduling solution. This component was written primarily for a doctor's office. It has been used for hair salons, airports, offices, TV stations, etc. It includes much of the functionality of the versions of MS-Outlook at the time of its development. It supports many more view modes than Outlook to make it appropriate for a doctor's office. It includes the concept of rooms and providers so a fully functional doctor's office schedule application can be built on top of it.

Check out the downloads as there is an installer and a 200+ page user's manual that will give a good idea of the functionality. This is a commercial product that competed with Sheridan (now Infragistics), AddSoft, etc in its day. The ActiveX market is a little passed it prime and this product was succeeded by the Schedule.NET product. You can now download and use it as an open-source product.

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